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Welcome to the Bone Island Ghost Tour

"Cayo Hueso" as Key West was originally named translates to Bone Key or Bone Island. On our Haunted Pub Crawl and Ghost Tours you will experience why Key West is consistently ranked as one of the  five most haunted cities in America. Join us for a ghostly guided  walking tour into the heart of this most haunted island or crawl along  as we delve into the more spirited pubs of Old Town. Discover Key West's  history of Cursed Treasure, Voodoo, Murder, Suicide, Haunted Mansions,  Unexplained Deaths & More! Our professional ghost hosts will  introduce you to the darkest side of Bone Island. 

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Our Original Tour

Bone Island


 Key West was originally named “Bone Island” and for good reason! While  searching for the fountain of youth, Ponce de Leon made an ominous  discovery when he came ashore in 1521…

Ghost Tour


On this 1.5 hour walking tour  your master storyteller will guide you through the streets and back alleys of this famously haunted isle.

Photo Ops


Bring your camera and an  open mind on this journey into the past and beyond where unsettled  spirits roam free. 

Haunted Locations


 Stops include the haunted Porter Mansion, Robert the  Doll's original home - the Artist House and the tour concludes inside  the island's original morgue with "spirited" photo opportunities!  

Haunted History


 For over 500 years humans and their spirits have been drawn to Bone Island. In that time numerous spots around the island have become known  for extreme paranormal activity. The ghost hunters of Bone Island Ghost  Tours agree that the following spots can't be missed: 

Most Haunted Places


 10. West Martello Fort

9. Key West Cemetery

8. Porter Mansion

7. Fort Zachery Taylor

6. Robert Curry's Mansion

(Hard Rock Cafe)

5.  Audubon House

4. Mel Fisher Museum

3. Artisit House

2. East Martello Fort

1. Original Key West Morgue

(Captain Tony's Saloon)

Key West Cemetary

Available for self guided tours exclusively during daylight hours

The  original settlers in Key West made the horrific mistake of locating  their cemetery along the southern shore, facing the Atlantic Ocean. A  decision that came back to haunt them in 1846. That year a massive  hurricane struck the island uncovering all of the graves! Remains were  scattered everywhere including mangrove trees, tidal pools, beaches and  lanes. Rethinking their earlier mistake the residents relocated the  cemetery to the highest point on the island known as Solares Hill. The  new location has been home to the island's permanent inhabitants ever  since. Today the cemetery is a very popular tourist attraction. The city  of Key West restricts visits to daytime hours only but they do provide a  self guided map at the entrance. Over the years a number of fascinating  and humorous tombstone have drawn fans from around the world. Don't  miss this historic and memorable piece of Bone Island.